Here I want to present an interactive map of restaurants in LA County, where you can check the location and scores of each particular restaurant. Open the link above to see the web page.

When zoomed out, points are grouped into clusters and that helps solve the problem of crowded places where all the markers hide under one another and it’s not really possible to clearly see neither the points nor the places where they are located. That’s why the first thing you are going to see is these circles labeled with the number of points they represent. …

This project was my first one in the college program. I was told that in Santa Monica there is a high demand for community gardens and the existing four of them are not enough, so the idea was to study the city looking for a potential place for a new garden.

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Existing and already planned gardens

The questions I put for myself were: what are possible locations for a new community garden in Santa Monica? What are the best among them?

I focused on governmental lands because renting or buying the place would require additional spendings of the budget. Possible places were chosen manually based…

After I uploaded the parks map on Reddit, people let me know that there were some inconsistencies in the data, and also that I should have included many more different sources. The number one source everyone wanted to see was the Bureau of Land Management because it covers huge territories all around the country. I decided to use some of their ideas and made a new map.

Here is an updated map of parks — this time it includes not only parks and national forests but also protected and conservation lands, national monuments, state parks, state forests, conservation easements areas…

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Amphibians, like all the other wild animals, while playing their important role in the ecosystem and supporting biological balance, suffer from human actions. Among their troubles are habitat loss and fragmentation, diseases, invasive species, light pollution, and, as animals that highly depend on water, they are the first to suffer from the pollution of the rivers, lakes, and stormwater. The goal of this project was to look at the condition of amphibians' habitat in Los Angeles County and to find places of their possible presence and undesirable interactions with humans.


Only species that lay eggs in water and go through…

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health publishes the data about restaurant and market inspections, including addresses of the facilities, their coordinates, scores, and grades of inspections, cities where they are located, the status of the program (active or inactive), and kinds of violations. In this project, I used data from 2018 to June of 2020 and only chose restaurants, excluding markets, and filtered out inactive programs. I was left with 26 203 observations. …

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I started making this map with a thought about traveling — we travel a lot, and sometimes, plans are born while inspecting the map. So, I wanted to highlight states that have a lot of national parks and could be interesting to visit.

Just showing the parks is good enough but doesn’t let you fairly compare the states, so I calculated the share that national and state parks and national forests take from the territory of each state.

The winner is Idaho — 41% of its territory is occupied by parks. Its neighbors don’t fall back too far — most…

Ira Koroleva

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